Overheard @ University of Auckland

Overhead @ University of Auckland

Post funny, crazy, hilarious and stupid things you overhear or see around the campus.
This can include photos, videos and the profound etchings and scribbling you find on the toilet walls and library desks.

Please Note:

- This is overheard @... NOT a lost and found, events postings, flat/mates wanted post or a textbooks for sale page etc. etc. These sorts of posts will be deleted straight away and repeat offenders deleted and blocked from the group.

- Keep things anonymous and don’t name the person saying it, the laugh here is what was said or done…NOT who!

- Racist / Trolly / Political and generally hateful comments will result in a delete and ban, if someone is trolling individuals or the group as a whole please let one of the admins know and we will delete and ban the individual where appropriate… this includes people kicking off about grammar etc / politics / being creepy as fuck

- There’s a lot of spam going around facebook. So if you notice something dodgy or that $1000 000 loan offer posted seems too good to be true, report the post and we’ll delete and ban the poster, please keep in mind though we are both “post’” uni and have actual soul destroying day jobs so the post may remain there for a short period before we get to it.

- If you’re unsure about something or have a reasonable complaint get in touch with the admins via personal message.

Love, always and forever,

The Admins