Eastside On Line Rummage Sale (Gresham/Troutdale/Corbett)

This group was created based on a page I saw in a different area, and thought it was a good idea! The concept is pretty self explanatory, but basically a place to post pictures and details of anything you may have that you'd like to get rid of! Items can range from kids toys, clothing, household, garage to even cars! Whatever you need gone put it here and let's see what happens! You can place a price on your items, or even post things for free. The page my friend had seemed to be doing really well...think like Craigslist but concentrated to our local area. Spread the word to all your friends!! If your like me there's always stuff you want gone!!!

Please live within the following areas if your posting items; Corbett, Troutdale, Fairview/Wood Village, Gresham (no further west than 181st), Sandy, Boring, Damascus etc. The purpose is to know that all the items are relatively close to home, verses Portland or the West side. I can't verify everyone's location, so please keep this in mind. Or if you choose to post here, and do not live in the area, you must be willing to deliver your items to these areas. Thanks!!

Below are some basic rules I hope we all can follow ~ Failure to follow the rules will result in being removed from the group.

1) Please be courteous and respectful of all members on the message board. Remember to treat each other the way you would want to be treated

2) Please try and give the buyers a fair amount of time to comment back before skipping to the next person. You do have a right to sell to whomever you would like, but please be courteous and try and wait it out a reasonable amount of time before moving to the person in second position.

3) The person who is selling the item has the right to sell to whomever they wish. However, in this group it is a courtesy to sell on a “first comment, first in line” basis. Getting into a verbal argument on the board will not be tolerated and may be cause for removal from the group.

4)You are buying and selling at your own risk. But, When posting an item, please make sure to include an accurate description, picture, where you are located and the price you would like to sell it for. PLEASE DO NOT ADVERTISE A PRODUCT FOR SOMETHING IT IS NOT (i.e. authentic Coach purse vs. knock off) PLEASE disclose any flaws or problems with the items you are selling. Selling broken items advertised as working items is cause for immediate removal from the group. Please treat this as you would a garage sale. While 99% of the buyers/sellers are truthful and honest, it is the buyers responsibility to check out the merchandise to your satisfaction BEFORE giving the seller your money.

5) When you have sold an item, please remove the posting (you can do so by clicking the "check" in the right hand corner of your post).

6)The meaning of some common terms: ISO=in search of; BUMP=bring the post back up to the top of the page. An asterisk or any other comment will bring a post back to the top of the page. Please do not constantly "bump" your listing to the top of the page. You are allowed to "bump" an item every three days if there has been no activity, and please only post 10 NEW items per day. Any more than 10 need to go into an album.

7) If someone posts something that is inappropriate or a “disagreement” ensues, The post will be removed no questions asked. Try tagging the person that you are asking a question to "tagging" (if you don't know) you put @ then try typing the person’s name, it will bring a drop down menu of names for you to choose from, find the correct person click on it, it will then highlight their name in your post, alerting them you have a question. This helps to make sure the person sees the post.

9) Check your “other” message box in Facebook. If the person selling an item is not your “friend” that is where the question or comment will go.

10) Please do not "hijack" someone’s post with the following a) rude comments b) comment on the price (unless you are in negotiations) c) a similar item that you are selling (make your own separate post) d) "jumping the line" by offering more for an item or saying you will pick up immediately.

11) Please do not remove your post and then add it back, or leave your old one and add your post again so that it is at the top of the page. This is not fair to the other members who would like to sell their items and are following the rules.

12) I realize that the site is not perfect. It can sometimes be very hard to find the item you posted as they get bumped down pretty quickly to the bottom of the page. A simple way to find your item is to a) search YOUR name in the search box, b) search for a keyword, OR c) look through the photos. It is sometimes faster to spot your photo that way.

13) The following item will no longer be allowed to be sold on this site: Guns

14) We do not allow Auctions on this site. We will not allow people to say “first to pick up” in their postings. It has been causing problems, and people are fighting. If you want something gone immediately, you need to use another venue to sell the item.

15) Please no advertising another page and/or services on this page. This is a garage sale page and people do not want to be barraged by ads for other things.

16) All posts that have had no activity for longer than 30 days will be removed. Please keep track of your own posts and remove them when no longer valid, or "bump" them according to the rules above. This will help to keep the page from being clogged with outdated posts. Also, I will delete all weekend yard sale ads on the Monday following the sale.

*Thanks so much for helping to make this a great place to buy and sell!