Insurance for media professionals & companies

Welcome! This group is for the discussion of business & personal insurance. Feel free to post your questions as the discussion will benefit many. Do invite your friends to join us as well. To speak to us directly, please PM/email us @
Pei Ling – [email protected]
Danny - [email protected]
Jim – [email protected]

Who are we?
We’re a team of qualified Financial Advisors with diverse backgrounds and expertise. One of us has worked as film producer/writer, another has run a international business and a third is actively involved with charitable groups. Our experience have helped us better understand your business and empathize with your needs.

We’ve worked with film & video companies, dance and theatre groups, actors and crew, to tailor insurance plans that are cost-effective and customized to suit specific needs & expertise.

Everyone counts. We believe that more can be done to protect the people and businesses in our local industries.

What you may need
For many years, the mature industries in other countries have benefitted from a wide range of insurance plans. Our team is working with local insurers to improve on the coverage provided locally.

Here’s a list of insurance plans that could protect you and your business:
1. Business Insurance
• Professional Indemnity
• Public Liability
• Work Injury Compensation
• Fire & Other Perils
• Equipment All Risk
• Key-person

2. Personal Insurance
• Disability Income
• Personal Accident (We also cater to specialized occupations, such as photographers, DOPs, lighting & grip crew)
• Annual/Per trip Travel
• Health & Surgical – incl Group Medical Plans (In- & Out-patient)
• Early stage Critical Illness
• Endowment/ Retirement

3. Financial Consultation
• Tax & CPF planning for companies and self-employed
• Review of existing insurance and investment plans

Workshops and Seminars
We help individuals and companies by sharing our knowledge on good financial planning and the different types of personal & business insurance. All workshops are for the benefit of the industry. Participants are free to come to us or seek their own coverage.

Groups and Companies
We work closely with companies who need bundled coverage, groups & associations who need group or individualized insurance for members. Of course, we also serve individuals who are looking for better protection.