Breastfeeding, baby wearing, car seat safety & MCN chat for Australian Mums

This is the place to join other Australian mum's and chat about anything that concerns you in your lives and your kids. Everything from sleeping issues, to breastfeeding problems, searching for the safest car seat to keep your kids rear facing as long as possible to the joys of using cloth nappies and the benefits of baby wearing. Join us here to find like minded mothers who are here to offer support and ideas. (we are a supportive group and will welcome you even if you don't breastfeed etc for whatever reason)
Probably want I want most from this group is a place to learn and share new ideas. I hope that people in this group are open to hearing about how something they are doing with their kids might not be optimal and listen to changes they could make without feeling judged, we are just all here to help each other. If someone found out about a danger or a new product that I didn't know about, I want to hear about it even if what I am doing now works for me. Sunscreen for instance, do you use a natural one? Are you aware of the nanoparticles in sunscreens? This is the place to hear about those things so you can be the most well informed mother you can be. If you decide not to make the change, that is ok, but we want everyone to be open to new ideas and not judge others different ideas.