Goldsmiths SU - Housing Group OFFICIAL

This group is designed to help facilitate the finding of housing for Goldsmiths students.

Feel free to post rooms that are available and also to post if you are looking for flatmates to move into private sector accommodation.

Any posts that are not relevant to finding/offering housing may be deleted by admin to avoid cluttering up the page.

Example post:

"Hi, I am a 2nd year anthropology student looking for a room within walking distance of Goldsmiths, max £450 pcm. I'm looking for flatmates who are calm and quiet - not a party house! Am around all summer to view rooms - message me if you have something suitable and we can fb chat or something!"


Don't post your phone number or personal email address on the fb page, it is easiest and safest just to send facebook messages.

If you are struggling to arrange a viewing, try skype showing people around your property!

To view rooms, meet up in a public place (like the college) first, don't just hand out the address before you meet them.

Check out the resources available to download on here - more will be added!