Warren Community and Local Businesses Sell and Swap

This is a site for all of you who are like me a person or business owner that has a lot of stuff to sell and get rid of but does not have time for a rummage sale! It also can be used for posting items to barter- like gift certificates, coupons, or just anything that would be of value to anyone. This is also a great way to motivate your kids to clean their closets out. Surrounding area included with Grand Forks, Thief River, Argyle and Warren.
Here are some rules:

*If you have more than one item to post- please make an album

* If your listing is 15 or more days old it will be removed by an admin

* You can bump * your posting only once during a 24 hour period

* First person that says they'll take it you must post SOLD on your comment. If the item is SOLD and your listing is more than 15 days old it will be removed so please write down all your information

* Please PM( private message) your buyer or seller with any information as to not clutter up the comments section.

* This is a free 'rummage' site for personal or businesses- but please just use it as a rummage site - no advertising or spamming or your listing will be removed.

* If you have listed items in other sites please do not list them here rather just post on our site that you have listings on the other site. It will avoid confusion.

* PM the admins if you have any questions!

* Please spread the word and HAPPY SELLING!!