Music Gear Buy/Sell in Glasgow/Edinburgh (Central Scotland)

Before posting, please have a look at the rules and guidelines ....

Ladies And Gents.
There is an increase in people overbumping their threads.
Or Editing an older thread several times in order to sneakily bump it.

Also, it really would help to unclutter things if people actually bothered to remove their threads after stuff is bought or sold.
The rules NOTE:

Keep bumps to every two days and please delete your post once it's been sold.

Please do not act astonished if your post disappears due to over bumping.


ok guys and gals. we have decided that from now on Ebay links are no longer permitted on the group. sorry if that doesnt suit a few, but the majority have won. links that are already on will stay(itl be murder to find and remove them all anyway), but in future any Ebay links will be removed. Gumtree=YES! Ebay=no more. cheers;-)

Unfortunately a few group members appear to have been involved in deals that were not above board. The outcome seems to be that they have either lost money,goods, or both. I feel the need to HIGHLY recommend to all members, that they should NOT use the Paypal"Friends/Family" option if they are making payments,as it seemingly does not cover the sender if the deal turns out to be shady. I also have to remind members to be careful of what they post in threads with regard to such incidents. Its disgusting and very disheartening to hear of people being ripped off. Thankfully it is not often. We are currently only 5 away from having SEVEN THOUSAND members,,so,,mon the group!

NOTE: Keep bumps to every two days and please delete your post once it's been sold.

1. General rules,

- This is a forum for MUSIC GEAR only, that means no self promotion
and nothing unrelated to music gear. No shoes.
- Anything posted that doesn't meet these requirements will be removed
and you will be blocked immediately from the group.
- This group is for private sales only, no shops or dealers.
- Please leave a gap of two days before bumping your post.
- Please include everything in list #2 in your post or it will be removed.
- You're either selling or not, please don't post the 'putting feelers out' idea.
- NO hateful, racist or negative comments are allowed.

2. Things you must include in your post,

- Location
- Price (or rough idea of price, unless it's trade only)
- Description
- Condition of item
- Please state if you are open to trades or not,and include a trade value
- Photograph of the item is advised to help it sell

3. Were all here to help,

- Feel free to ask for advice with anything gear related.
- You can post a 'wanted' ad if there is something you're looking for.
- Please post any pictures of STOLEN music gear and hopefully it'll help
catch the bastards!
- Banter is always encouraged

Best of luck!