Montgomery County Yard Sale



No one under the age of 18 is permitted to sell or purchase items in this group… Feel free to post any item you have for sale, want to trade, are looking for, or want to just give away! Also, feel free to post information about your small business. **The page and it's owner has no authority over what transpires between buyers and sellers. I am not responsible for any transaction that takes place between buyer and seller. I hold no responsibility of items, price, or problems that may arise using this wall.** By posting on this wall you have agreed to the following rules and understand if you don't abide by them, you and/or your items will be deleted. 1. SELLERS: When posting an item for sale: You MUST include description, price and photo.1. ■DO NOT post “I have a this for sale, let me know if you want to see pics… “
■The Description IS NOT Entered in the Comment Box - It must be entered by clicking EDIT - directly under the photo. Click the link for more detailed instructions.
■You may post up to 5 individual items/posts at a time (not per day) -
■You must use an album if you are going to be posting more than 5 things to be active at the same time. Albums can contain up to 200 photos and are limited to one album per Yard Sale Member.
■Albums must be named with your First and Last name.
■When an item sells, DELETE that PHOTO. – (Remember to delete wherever you have it posted, ie… In an album, individual or other groups).
■Individual Photos will be removed after 30 days
■You may bump your unsold Individual (5) items every 24 hours. 1.To Bump, simply type “bump” in the comment section of your post).
2.DO NOT “bump” individual items in your album – simply bump the album! Go to your album page (with all the thumbnails) and type bump in the comment box…
3.Albums can be bumped 3x daily

2.SELLERS: Items that are NOT acceptable for posting : illegal items, firearms, livestock of any kind, drop side cribs, outdated car seats, knock off designers items, and recalled items. If someone tries selling these items after being warned, you will be removed from the group.
3.SELLERS & BUYERS: The first person to ask to buy has right of first refusal. Seller must allow 24 hours for 1st buyer to respond before moving onto #2.
4.SELLERS: You may bump your unsold items every 24 hours. However deleting previous bump from 8am, and bumping again at 1pm is against the rules. (To Bump, simply type “bump” in the comment section of your post). DO NOT “bump” individual items in your album – simply bump the album! (If you want to feature a particular item in your album, simply make it the album cover.)
5.SELLERS & BUYERS: When sending a non-friend a message on this wall, make sure to check your "other" folder under messages when waiting for a reply. Most non friend messages are put there, or once you have interest, exchange email addresses to communicate! – If you are telling people to “message” you, make sure you have your privacy settings set to allow for receiving messages from non-friends!
6.SELLERS & BUYERS: It is HIGHLY recommended to exchange telephone numbers via messaging (not on post) -DO NOT AGREE to meeting if you can not make it – if something comes up, have the common courtesy to call the person to tell them you won't be there.
PLEASE Be Careful!!! - It is recommended that you do not post your address or phone number on the page and that you meet at a safe, public place. HELPFUL TIPS: ■Search is available at the top right of the screen; enter a key word or person’s name… Depending on how well the photo is described, a result should render.
■To easily look through someone’s album, simply click Person’s Name Album, which appears at the bottom right below a photo.
■Follow posts you may want to view again or have responded to so you can get updates (notifications) of when it was replied to. (Follow is a link below the post).You will need to Click Edit Settings and select "notify me only posts I am following" then select your email. You will get an email when someone comments on that post.
Too many Notifications to your email? Go to Edit Settings (in this group at the top) and then Edit notifications settings - and the box should be de-selected to stop emails. However, if you are expecting to see notifications for comments on your posts, you will NOT get them via email. In which case, (I think) FB will send the email… Bump = moves the post to the top of the page. LMK = Let Me Know – OBO = Or Best Offer