Sell, buy and borrow in SXM

If you are looking to sell, buy or borrow something here on the island of St Martin, this is your platform! Post a description, a picture and contact details in English and give a price. Make the information you post efficient! Please maintain ONE thread per item (this means, if you are interested in an item that has been posted, use the comment box UNDER the item instead of writing a new, separate post on the wall) - and keep any comments polite!
If you are posting several items, please CREATE a single album rather than multiple individual posts. And always remember to DELETE your post if your mission was successful. Feel free to bring your post to the top of the page by ADDING A COMMENT every now and then. Kindly avoid posting the same or similar items over and over again without deleting previous posts. Be fair to the other group members and do not consume the top spots of the page for extended periods.
This group is dedicated to private individuals here in SXM wishing to sell or looking to buy something, not to professionals on a business mission, or people selling craft. Also, it is not a platform for advertising other sites, businesses, future businesses or otherwise Please observe the rules on how to use this group. We take the liberty to delete posts, and users, who either repeatedly or blatantly ignore how and what to post in this group.
Thank you for joining and sharing the positive spirit of Sell, buy and borrow in sxm. Spread the word, add and invite other FB members and feel free to join my other group,, for all things property-related.
If you have questions, please ask - We are always happy to help.
On a final note: Happy shopping!
Your admin team.