West Virginia singles

The object of this room is to have a room where singles can go meet other single's, and also to add their single friend's to the room as well...As one of the Admin's of the room, i ask that singles only come into or be added to the room..we welcome each and every single to the room, and also ask that everyone treat everyone with respect...we want everyone to mingle, and not be afraid to chat freely and get to know one another..who knows where chatting may lead...it may lead to only meeting new friend's for life, or even spark a twinkle in someone's eyes, & they find their soul mate for life..either way, good luck to all, and chat away, and enjoy getting to know one another...If at any time anyone in the room has a question, please feel free to contact one of the Admin's in the room by private message or post that you need to speak to one of us, and we will get to you as soon as we can...Good Luck, & have Fun !!!