Fitness Sell & Swap (Kandiyohi, Renville, Yellow Medicine, chippewa)


Welcome to "Fitness Sell & Swap (Kandiyohi, Renville, Yellow Medicine, chippewa) County"

- "Fitness Sell & Swap" is a no fight zone so if you can't get along with another person you WILL get kicked out.

- WHAT TO SELL: This is a group for Fitness/Exercise related items only such as Clothing, Machines, weights, Books/DVD's, Mp3's, supplements, Blenders/shakers, Gym Accessories, etc.

- DON'T SELL: Stolen items, items paid by or partially paid by insurance (can be given for free), broken items (unless informed by seller), outdated supplements, Cars, Baby items, furniture, anything thats not fitness related.

- SOLD ITEMS: Please delete any sold items. If for any reason photo can't be delete please write delete on caption and admin will help you with this.

- STOLEN ITEMS: Any one who sells stolen items will be reported to police and automatically kicked out of the group.

- EVENTS: You can also post workout events such as Zumba, yoga, boxing, dancing, etc.

- ALBUMS: Please make an album if posting alot of photos. Each member will be allowed only 3albums. You can add as many photos as you want to albums.

- DON'T REPOST: Don't repost photo. Bump photos instead. You can only bump once ever 24hrs.

- FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: The first person to COMMENT has dibbs.

- SAFETY: Don't post your address or phone number on any post. Send all info through a private message. Meet in a safe place.

- SERIOUS COMPLAINS: If the complain can't be resolved.
3=kicked out