Gothic Symphonic Metal London

Hail all rockers and metalheads out there. I like to introduce you to this Dutch Symphonic Power-Metal band called Conspiracy of Seven. I'm promoting this band. Their first project is called "The Legacy" and it's inspired on a Dutch book and tv-series called "De Zevensprong".
Translated in powerfull music, awesome guitar riffs, excellent drumwork, melodic keys, passionate vocals and kicking bass. Conspiracy of Seven tells a modern version of the story.
A little theatrical gimmick is the cherry on top! All of the members represent a character from the story...
James "The Dragonslayer" - Guitar and vocals
Wilma "The Allseeing eye" - Vocals
JP "The Silent Horseman" - Guitar
Samantha "The Alchemist" - Keys
Colin "The Sorcerer" - Bass
Eddy - "Alter Ego" - Drums Conspiracy of Seven is a band you must see, hear, but especially EXPERIENCE!!!
A spectacular show that just drags you into the story... They just finished their first EP. You can listen to a few songs on Reverb Nation:
You can also see and hear a live recording of one of their gig's here.
Just order the EP by sending a pm to Conspiracy of Seven or send a e-mail to: [email protected] Read the re- and interview on the Black Phoenix Rising Metal Forum: AND... you can also hear them regularly
on in "Female Fronted Symphonic Rock and Metal Show" with Brian Dade,
on in "The Eurometal express show" with Andy Brock,
on in "Ladies Night" with Renee Boyer and several other radio stations as well, but more to come we hope. Support them please, like and share their facebook page
(and buy the EP if you like them). Stay METAL 4 ever. \\m/ For more info, bookings, interviews, etc. contact: Wilma Seven.