Kaleigh for Big Brother Canada

As most of you may already know, I have been a huge fan of this show since it first premiered back in 2000(that's right I've been watching it for 14 years now #noshame). It has always been a dream of mine to make it on the show one day. Once the show finally came to Canada this dream became a possibility & now, more then ever, I am ready to make it a reality. I will be going to the auditions in Halifax next Friday the 24th & I've came up with an idea that I could really use some help with! I presume the main question they will be asking is going to be " Why do you think you've got what it takes for Big brother Canada?". My idea is to be able to show them this group and let the numbers/words speak for itself. With everyone's support I am positive this will leave a lasting impression & hopefully I will get casted, because after all it is their viewers opinions whom they cherish most! Over the years I am continuously hearing from friends, family & even acquaintances that I would be great for Big Brother...So if you think I've got what it takes and would like to see me not only on the show but win the whole darn thing then join this group to show your support! If you're one of those people who has said I should tryout, now is your chance to help me out by posting your encouragement! If you know me well enough to know why I would be great on the show make a post explaining just that. Even if you dont know me very well or at all, wouldn't it be cool to have someone representing not only the greater moncton area but New Brunswick as a province!? If you have no idea what the show is or anything just think of it as supporting someone's childhood dream(& maybe start watching it because it is an awesome show).:p Least you can do is share the group, & spread the word! I've got one week and I want to be able to make an impact at these auditions so I can get a call back! Let's make this happen. Lots of love, Kale. Xo