Writers Soapbox

Writer's Soapbox is a new group for all writers to chat, seek help, discuss and have fun about anything writing related. Whether you are published or a total beginner. It doesn't matter if you write literary fiction or a blog about your cats, everybody is welcome. Writing is for everyone. Make yourself a brew, put on your comfy slippers and feel free to interact as much as you like.

Book Promotions or any other promotions are ONLY allowed on Tuesdays. Soapbox won't become a billboard. No more than ONE promotion on Tuesday please , so please try to put links to your book and website etc in the same post, any more will disappear. Don't be a fly by promoter.

**Anybody that promotes their books on Tuesdays but doesn't interact in the group whatsoever will have their promotion removed and will also be removed if they continue to do so. I don't mind lurkers. Everybody has the right to lurk and I have had lurked in my fair share of groups over the years, but if you don't interact in this group, you won't be able to promote anything.

This is an interactive group, it's not so you to can tick off Tuesday in your diary. If you disappear from the group, that's probably the reason. **

Self Promotions only please.

On Tuesdays you can promote YOUR book or YOUR writing related business. Please don't promote a book for your husband or your wife or your best friend's next door neighbour. If they want to join the group then they can do it themselves. If your editor wants to be promoted, then ask them to join as long as long as they interact in the group.


*There is one exception.* If anybody is advertising a FREE Fiction book, whether it is FREE for one day or a few days I will keep it on the group for a few hours and then it will be removed. But only if a book is totally free, without any conditions. For example not just for Amazon Prime members or for review purposes only. Only applies to Fiction books, not Non Fiction.

** Active Soapbox members can also post book promotions on our specially exclusive promotions page at


as well as in the group FILES.

If anybody wants to showcase their Flash Fiction , Short Stories or Poetry then feel free to post a link to it on the main page. Or if it's a small poem you can write it directly on the main page.

Please make sure any links you post don't go to anything promotional.

Click on FILES to access other areas of the group that may be of interest to you.

New members please read The Full Group Guidelines by following this link or by clicking on FILES.


Ally :)

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