K.v happy valley 2009 batch

"It goes 2 all the Buddies passed out from K.V HAPPY VALLEY SHILLONG 2009 Batch.....Cum Lets Revive Those Golden Days..
This Is The Forum 4 All Those People Who Remember :
(1)Having Fun In Class
(2)Never Attendind English Class
(3)The Favorite Of Every Teacher Including V.P Nd Principle : JEET N SHIPRA
(5)Always Surrounded By Girls : SUVRO
(6)Always Found Near The Water Tap After Each Class ,just 2 Water His Hair : SAMUEL MUN
(7)Always Doin What He Wishes 2 : KULDEEP SINGH
(8)Always Roaming Around B section : SAGAR
(9)Baadshah Of Whistling : VISHAL

Woh Uncountable memories that still brings smile 2 our face"