Keep Ms.Harris at Kwantlen Park!

Our Mission:
We as students of Kwantlen Park must fight to keep Ms. Harris-- our lovely female PE teacher-- at our *lovely* school.

Because Ms. Harris is an enthusiastic, friendly motivator. :3
Not to mention we Block 1 girls have warmed up to her, and to have her suddenly switched out-- someone who has come to know all about us; including our health tidbits and stamina-- is a little unfair. We like our teacher and want her to stay!

Unfortunately, we must work quickly. Ms. Harris is scheduled to leave on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd. This leaves us a very short window to persuade any and all our principles into giving Ms. Harris a permanent position.

The Goal:
To have a huge Facebook group, full of supporters and later present this page to Mr. Breen, our head principle at Kwantlen Park.