East Valley Arizona sell/ buy/ trade/ in search of/ free

East Valley Arizona sell/buy/trade/free/in search of group.
Welcome all new members! Post anything you want (anything legal. Drugs, alcohol, medicine, any recalled or banned items such as drop down cribs, bumbo's without the safety straps, car seats that are expired or have been in an accident, open or expired containers of formula. These posts will be deleted). All posts for baby formula and food must include a picture of the expiration date and all car seat sales must also include a picture of the manufacture or expiration date.
Sell goods, services, share products, ideas, or needs.
Feel free to post your personal business.
Please NO DRAMA, no foul language or inappropriate comments . Person who will start drama in this group - will be blocked immediately.
Buying: If you are interested, please state "interested" or "next." Buyer must respond within 2 hours, If you pass, please let the seller know quickly, so they may move on to the next person.
Selling: Listings must include a PICTURE of the actual item, LOCATION, PRICE. No look alike photos… Photo MUST be of the item up for sale.
Please delete your posts when you've sold your items, or found the item you're looking to buy.
"OBO" it indicates best offer below the asking price.
"ISO" (meaning: In search of), write a description of what you're looking for. If someone is selling the product that you are looking for, they can message you back on your post.
You can "BUMP" your post once a day.

Do not use other members posts to sell your items. For example, if a member is selling table, you may not comment with info on the table you have for sale.

Be smart about your private information you give out. Attempt to meet at a neutral spot. If you decide to give out your home address you do so at your own risk and neither admins of this group or Facebook can be held responsible for any liability. All transactions done on this page are at your own risk. It is the buyer's responsibility to ask questions, be on time, and make sure of their purchase in advance. That means examining and checking authentication, condition, etc -the buyer is not under any obligation to buy the items if they are not as described.
Please be respectful and courteous. Thank you all for keeping this group positive and drama free. If you have a concern about a post, please click the arrow at the top right of the post and select “Report to Admin” and we will address it. If you do have an issue, deal with it privately by contacting the person or an Admin via PM. You can draw attention to an issue in the Group by tagging one or more of us in the comments if you are unsure about something.

It is your choice to be in this group, therefore all rules must be followed. Members who do not follow the guidelines will be removed without notice.
Group Admins: Ana Foy, Olga Miller

Please invite your friends and family in this group. Thank you, have fun, happy selling and buying! :)