New Musicians' Union

New Musicians' Union NYC (NMU NYC) is collection of bands (and solo musicians interested in forming bands with other members) that produce and perform in shows together, jam for fun in our free time, help one another write and record, and knock back a few beers while we're at it. Much of what we do takes place in our very own studios in midtown Manhattan near Times Square. We aim to support one anothers' acts not only by going to one anothers' shows in full force ourselves, front and center up close to the stage destroying that invisible buffer zone that sometimes exists and helping to set the tone for high energy shows, but by inviting our own fans and friends out to see each others' gigs too. We also regularly put on shows with member bands which provides us with complete freedom for set times, allows us to share a good portion of equipment, and enables us to better promote and introduce fans to our collective group of bands.

We are looking to bring in additional bands to our network. While we are open to a variety of musical styles all of the bands in the club presently are hard rock acts including punk and classic metal types of bands. We are most likely to benefit from and be of benefit to other bands playing this kind of music because we'll be able to produce shows together as well as the fact that it'll be easier to get more of our membership out to one anothers' shows.

If this sounds like something either you personally or your entire band might be interested in, feel free to us a shout and we'll tell you more about what we've got going on. You'd be welcome to come visit us, meet some of the members, and check out our studios.