Melbourne Car Audio


If you don't know what it's worth, start with a higher price with "or nearest offer".

Sell, buy and swap Car Audio Equipment in Melbourne, Victoria.

Also for keeping up to date on the Car audio scene in Melbourne, and any discussion about products and systems.

Industry Reps, Retailers and Event organizers are welcome and encouraged to keep us up to date on sales, events, and new products, just don't spam it every 5 mins.

Only rules to this group:

- PUT PRICES ON ITEMS! If you're not sure what somethings worth, ask. If you've got a ballpark figure, start high and come down from there, but asking people to make offers won't get you champagne prices for beer gear.

- Trolls are spammers will be deleted on site.

- Bump only every 24hrs

- Feel free to buy, sell and trade whatever relates to audio and cars. This does not mean shoes/handbags/dildos.

- No abuse or anything that isn't uncalled for.