I fucking love science

Science discussion group.

Group rules:

- Don't be a dick. You all know how to not be dicks. Don't be abusive, rude, condescending or anything else. I don't want to hear any whining about "I didn't know". You know if you're being a dick.
- No religious or atheist topics. Please just stick to science, people of all faiths (or lack of) are equally welcome here.
- No spamming. Aside from the obvious "click here for porn" spam, advertising your own page, blog or group is also spamming. Link to pages if there's something interesting, but if you're exclusively linking to one page over and over again I will assume you're fishing for followers.
- If you have a complaint, message me. Complaining threads in here will be deleted. All it does it add drama and doesn't help the group. Regular drama llamas will just be banned.
- This is not the appropriate place to air your complaints about the main page. The group and the page are run separately and any complaints about the page need to be directed to its inbox.
- This is a science discussion group. Any off topic threads will be removed and repeat offenders will be banned.
- Sources matter. If you're making a positive claim, source appropriately. Natural News, InfoWars The Daily Mail are *not* appropriate sources. If you wish to mock content on these websites or discuss their accuracy, a screenshot is better than a link. Lets not give them page views, shall we?

The admin aren't omniscient so if there are any issues pm us with a link to the thread in question and we'll sort it.