English Speaking Mums in Brussels, Belgium

If you ask to join us, you will soon find a message in ''''OTHER''''. Please read it and reply:
1) confirm that you have read and understood our rules
2) reply to this message with a small introduction about yourselves and why you wish to join our group.
You will then receive an invitation to Join us.
We are a group of English-speaking parents sharing info about living in Brussels with our children (*not a 'general expat group'!). We come from all over the world, but we have one thing in common: we are trying to make our new lives in Belgium a little bit more special for ourselves and for our kids by sharing recommendations/ideas/tips/experiences about raising our children.
Thank you for joining us !
- - GROUP IDENTITY: Please try to concentrate ''exclusively'' on relevant topics (things that concern your children or yourselves as parents)!
If it has little to do with your children, please use other FB groups for ''general expat questions'' * this is an important point as it allows us to maintain the character of our group and bond as 'moms/dads', rather than as ' foreigners in a foreign country '.
Sometimes, all it takes is phrasing a question/comment in a way that makes it more clear that it is a ''mommy-question'' rather than an 'expat' question: eg ''Can you recommend X place/thing/person for my son/daughter because he/she ...? '' rather than ''Is there an X in Brussels ?''.
And, of course, no discussions about renovating houses, plumbers, cars, taxes, service providers, pets, buying/renting, job hunting, flat sharing, etc.

- SELLING/BUYING is not encouraged ! You must FIRST contact the Admin for further instructions, if you want to put up a 'for sale' post. You will then receive further instructions, or it will be deleted.

- ADVERTISING is against Facebook rules and is not allowed in our group. * You may add your 'own' business (about kids ONLY and with the VAT of your business!) in the File created for this purpose - do not treat us as customers. In our group, we value recommendations and your participation as parents !

- The Admin's job is to set clear, fair rules, protect the identity of the group and see that no members are insulted. The admin is not a mediator and is not responsible for the comments of the group's members. Please be kind and do not forget that the Admin is a ''volunteer''.

- Please, remember that there are no parenting ''recipes''!
- For the meetups organised, confirm your attendance with the co-hosts. No money will ever change hands for no reason!

If something is not clear or have a question, please contact me. Thank you :)