Realm Of Darkness (AoL RP group)

I created this group so the muns that play, or wish to play, in the Realm of Darkness RP on AoL can contact each other easier and talk stuff out. Randomness allowed as everyone here are friends. Figured this can be easier to stay in contact when we can't all be on AoL at the same time.

To clarify, this is my character Dawns sl. Involved in this is everything in A'Priori, her lands which include SEVEN and the fairy tale world known as Myst as well as Earth realm (using portals) which as of right now touches base on New Orleans and Salem (NYC as well but more mentioned then anything else.)

I will be adding videos, maps and character pictures. As the characters are confirmed for their story, I will add them to the list. If I missed any of yours you wish to add please let me know. I will be adding taken, npc and open characters so if you see an open character and want information in regards to that character simply ask about it. Some characters are listed under one place but do cross over into multiple if not all of the areas of the sl.