Mini Town Alexandria Montessori Nurseries

Mini Town is a Safe, unique & real small sized environment suitable to kids from 2 years & above.

Our kids will be interacting within KIDS TOWN’s environment under the umbrella of a carefully designed professional program integrating the highly entertaining Role Play Method with our unique curriculum to provide a state of the art education & development to our children.

We address the hearts & minds of our kids through real activities, they will learn through mimicking real jobs, doing real duties, understanding the different feelings, responsibilities of each profession.

They will derive the letters, words & morals as well through the Pretend Play of the profession!
The first & the only Nursery in Alexandria to establish the Role Play Method in a very realistic environment , it is a very precious gift to be involved in the future sculpturing of our kids.

It was very challenging to add any innovation after we introduced the Montessori Philosophy in Alexandria, which was proven to be a very successful tool in developing & educating our kids.

A person is a person, no matter how small he is !
-Dr. Seuss ..

At Mini Town , kids have the chance to practice behavior , manners & expressive language when interacting in real life situations ... Kids will buy & sell grocery, bake cakes , drive cars , save buildings from fire , take care of their pets , prepare the bed , clean the house... Etc

Simply at Mini Town ... You will ...

Prepare Your Child for Life

33 Ismailia street. Kafr Abdo