Teaching Support and Cultural Exchange


Steppingbridge is a volunteer organization dedicated to teaching support and cultural exchange in the less-developed areas of China. It hosts a variety of fundraising and social events as well as annual trips to improve the opportunities and lives of China's most underprivileged.

This non-profit organization was founded in January, 2006. It currently operates in British Columbia and has bases in both the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

The name “Steppingbridge” encodes the wish from the founding members to become a mobile "bridge" that connects these isolated communities to the outside world. The major themes of Steppingbridge are cultural exchange, education and financial aid. We, at Steppingbridge, hope to develop long term relationships with these communities to assist them with their current cultural and financial developments. In a sense, this project is a long-term exploration and investigation. By experimenting with various approaches each year, we hope to establish effective assistance and communication channels for these communities.

We believe education is a fundamental right, a powerful force to break the cycle of poverty, and key to building a future of hope and understanding.

We believe empowering youth will allow them to in turn build resiliency in their communities.

We believe in providing access for motivated and hardworking students, not handouts.

We believe in helping one student at a time. We cannot change the world all at once, but we can help someone change their world, and that is a start.