Muirfield Yr 12, Class of 2015

Hi all,
We have made this group as a place where we can all give each other a bit of love and support as we get deeper into our HSC year. So if you find any study technique tips, helpful resources (not particularly subject specific) or just want to share some motivational quotes or encouragement for each other, it would be wonderful to share here!

We will all be doing it tough for the next year, so we might as well help each other out, be friends and give each other some encouragement. Remember, to boost your own marks, we need to do well as a year group, so lend a hand, sharing is caring!

This group will be managed by your student executive team, and we trust that you will all only post friendly things, and no spam, otherwise we may have to delete it.

Thanks everyone, and good luck in your studies!

♥ from executive