Kindle Freebies, New Authors, and other eBook info

Welcome to our new members. Just a reminder.. This group is to advertise freebies and promote NEW authors! If you are an established author posting a $7.95+ book please refrain from posting in this group. Also, please limit promotion posts to ONE PER DAY! please do not hog the feed. The Admins WILL remove and ban spammers and repeat offenders.

It is truly amazing how many free or really cheap books are out there for the Kindle and/or other eReaders. With that in mind, this group seeks to share the links of all the deals we find. But, snatch them up quick! These are often promotional items which are limited time offers!
One great thing about the eBook influx is the exposure to new authors, fresh ideas and genre blending. This is a space that explores what is available; enjoy!

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