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The #YCDI community is a place for business owners & marketers stay up to date on social media marketing, news, and tips... while asking questions and sharing tips with the community.

Welcome to the party!

The group wall here is an open platform for you to ask questions, share tips and ideas, and generally improve on what you know while helping others learn some of what you know.

Non self-promotional links/graphics are welcome. (Graphics are more welcome than links because people don't like clicking out, so don't overdo links.)

If you'd like to share value content, posts, and articles YOU have written they fall under the 80/20 rule seen below or you can private message me for clearance. This is an earned privilege and I invite you to earn it!

DO NOT spam the group. This is NOT the place to post capture pages, opportunities, affiliate links, or any other promotional content (except within specific threads designated for such).

If someone posts an inquiry about a service or product you offer you are welcome to answer them and provide a link if they ask for it but do not promote something to the group directly. There are also specific threads for promotion of your goods and services, find them and enjoy them!

Be sure to disclose all affiliate links per FTC rules and regulations. Generally (aff) after the link is acceptable disclosure here.

If you are actively involved in the group, and with assisting with the group (ie: welcoming people, inviting people, answering people's questions, etc), I invite you to share not only OTHER PEOPLE's cool content here...

...but also to share any relevant, fresh, high quality blog posts that YOU have written. (No direct affiliate links or promotions please without permission of an admin.)

This is my way of saying that if you're hanging out here and making yourself at home, I invite you to relax, not worry too much, and just remember the 80/20 rule and the rules of attraction marketing in what you share.

Thanks so much for helping make our group a safe place for all to learn succeed and have fun!

Let's have some fun!

This group is brought to you by Kimberly Brink-Castleberry of "Just Ask Kim". and You Can Do It! Online Training

PS: This group is a hangout hub and centralized party for a large swath of the online marketing community. As such, it can be more casual, sometimes goofy, and oftentimes rowdy, than you may be used too. If you're looking for a strong dose of formality - you won't find it here.