B.A.M.F. nФthing persФnal

BAMF is a family friendly environment and not a bully Family. So if you have any problem with us talk with one of our adm's and we will help you. PM us! We are all here to have fun, not to make a drama for anything.
This is our War Page and ONLY BAMF can post their daily ices. All Capos are welcome.

- NO ADD me posts
- NO whining
- NO drama
- NO hitlist
- NO script post
- NO script's accusation!
- NO ices in Capos posters
- Remember it's OUR home. No respect means you will get banned.

We speak only English.
We only accept scheduled battles.
Please no gender, racial, religious, or any other forms of harassment. We are friends in this room. Thank you.

We reserve the right to ban anyone who doesn't follow our rules here.

Jack Carlson (The Legend)
Murat Keskin (Shooting before asking lol)


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