P.M.A.F (Pro-man, anti-Feminist)

Dedicating to the destruction of feminism from society, we are pro=man, and pro-boys! (not anti-woman!) a resistance against feminists, and their dishonorable male feminist cohorts

Definition of "pro male": youre proud to be a man, and would not be anything else, and stand by your brothers in arms, against the femo-fascists who wish to ruin all our fun with their pathetic anti-male dogma, seriously...

we do not feel men as a group are "owed" anything from society, except respect for their hard work, and liberation from feminist b.s. Its hard being a man! So who the fuck do these feminists think they are?

we are anti-feminists who are also pro-male, you got a problem with that? ; )

group guidelines: 1.don't be an asshole... self explanatory.
2.no needless complaining about the crappy behavior of some women, i know it sucks, but seriously, weve have bigger fish to fry! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0kF71EaRfI
3.no concern trolls, feminists, white knights or other stupid mofos, this is an anti-feminist page!
4.no NAFALT! (not all feminists are like that) i dont even need to explain why...
5.no intentional misogyny, although, sometimes certain things do need to be said, such as biological realism, and sex differences, but do not be a bigot about it!