Ware, MA Online Garage Sale Group

This is a group for Ware residents, If you do not reside in Ware, you MUST be willing to meet here. We do not allow the selling of any guns, this includes BB guns. This page will operate smoothly as long as everyone can follow the rules. NO DRAMA on this page, it will NOT be tolerated. If you have any issues with anyone on our site please report it to an admin so we can do our best to help resolve any issues. Also when buying something please look it over before you hand over the payment especially if your purchasing electronics. Not following the rules will earn your removal from our site.

Do NOT ask for free items and then sell them on another page!

If you don't have money to buy an item someone posted DO NOT comment on it!! And also do not set up a meet and contact a person as they're on their way to cancel!! This will NOT be tolerated at all!!

SHOWING INTEREST IN AN ITEM: It is a general group courtesy that the first person to comment or show interest in an item has “dibs” on that item. Please allow a reasonable amount of time for the person to respond as not everyone is attached to technology all day!

POSTING PICTURES: When posting pictures we ask that you only post 5 at a time and one picture per post! Please include price for each picture you post! Anymore then 5 photos you must make an album. Admins will take notice of this and delete your pics if you post more then 5. Once you've created an album you may post as many pictures as you want in it. Be sure to put prices on each individual pic in your album. Albums make it easier for buyers and sellers and to find things. Please only bump 5 pictures at a time.

SOLD ITEMS: Once you've sold something please ether delete it yourself or comment, "sold please delete" and an admin will do it for you.

NO SHOWS: No shows will not be tolerated ether! If you have a meet set up be there. We understand that things come up sometimes but be courteous enough to let the other person know.