South Tyneside Parent Network

This group is set up for parents of South Tyneside to share info on baby/toddler/children's groups and events and anything else that would be of interest to people with young children in and around the area.


* Businesses are welcome to post but please keep it to ONE post per day

* This is NOT a selling/wanted page. Private selling/wanted posts will be deleted.

* While we appreciate people offering employment opportunities to one another we must ask that all posts regarding jobs and work from home vacancies are posted with full details and are entirely transparent.
If you are offering opportunities or vacancies, please ensure the location, company details, salary/hourly rate, hours required, initial and ongoing financial outlay (if any) and job details are clearly posted. If this information is not posted then the post will be deleted.
We're sure no one would deliberately seek to deceive on our little site, but there have been reports of employment and work from home scams which we would like to protect our users from as much as possible. Although please be aware that the STPN can not accept responsibility for such scams.

* No medical posts. If you have any medical concerns please get in touch wIth the correct medical profession not STPN members. We can't take responsibility for bad advice given by members. These posts will be deleted.