SoCal horse/tack swap

.In case you have not read out GUIDELINES--
********GUIDELINES FOR THIS GROUP,PLEASE READ !! ****************
*Members- I want you to have success in your ads/posts. PLEASE make an album by clicking the 'photos' tab above ^..please be as descriptive as possible--LOCATION is a big deal! also -size /brand/ measurements/ **PRICE.** and DELETE WHEN SOLD.
*Age/height/level of experience needed etc for horses/ponies. Just posting a bunch of random photos saying "FOR SALE" is not productive. -for you or consumers. Let's have a clutter free & productive group! Please refrain from commenting on a single pic out of an album- this separates that photo from the post and the info.
*You can also post "Lost/Found".. ISO means "In Search Of"..
*You can advertise Stallions..your ranch..yourself..You can give a 'Kudos' to good rescues/trainers--and a "Shame on You" for bad rescues/trainers.
*You can post links to informative articles.
*No new posts for old ads..use the search magnifying glass in top rt corner to search your ad by title or your name, simply comment on ad to bring it to the top. Idk how often you bump, but once a day gets old, my experience is once a week or month is more productive.
Disrespect & nastiness will NOT be tolerated--you cannot get all butt-hurt & block an admin (me or Erika Hunter) and expect to stay in the group.
Happy Trails......and God Bless.