Non Profit USA Health Insurance

Gates and Buffett, You are Gods to me. I am praying you. Please start a non profit community health insurance company. Please make sure that company publishes the costs in the web site for each doctor and procedure. Have members pay 10% of all the costs after 1000$ deductible. Let the consumers choose the doctors by price also. Just create competetion between Healthcare Providers. Health insurance companies took the pricing power away from the consumer. Insurance companies love to put the pricing power on the hands of Venors. This way as a percentage of revenue they make more money and more bonuses for .... Yahoo users please let us know how many are with us in this. We can kick off this by taking this request directly to Gates and Buffett. If you live in Seatle or Omaha and ready to meet my Gods, please let us know. Let us fix health care by taking the situation into our hands. If anybody can create web site for this effort, please respond. We need to start a non profit and register on all states. If an acountant can volunteer for this please let us know. I am ready to donate 1000$ for this after the proper company structure is created. Pleas join facebook group "Non Profit USA Health Insurance". Web is much more powerful than all the Insurances/ Bad elements combined.