Mobile App Mastermind Group

Aim of this Group - Share ideas for Mobile Apps, with like minded people from experienced developers to people who are very new to the "App" arena.

A forum to share ideas and stories with other group members so that we can help and assist one another to make this the best Mobile App forum on the net.

Do's and Don'ts - Please don't use this group to pitch other products and services as we all get enough spam in our in-boxes on a daily basis.

Do use this group to work with other members and feel free to share your ideas, thoughts and experiences so that everyone can benefit from this knowledge sharing.

We will arrange training webinars so that people can share their ideas and questions while gaining valuable knowledge on such webinars.

Do share any good articles on technology, Apps etc that will benefit the group. This includes any Apps you launch, so that we can review them and provide you with "Live user feedback", ideas for future changes as well as promote the app on your behalf.

Feel free to send me any further ideas you may have for our group. This includes contacting other members for Joint Venture Partnerships ideas etc.

Thanks for being a valued member.