Harvest Moon Fans Club

**Welcome to Harvest Moon Fans Club**

This group was created on 30th March 2012 and meant to gather all Harvest Moon fans from all over the world. We'll create a one happy community of this wonderful title, and here in the group most of us treated each other like family, so be nice to each other!

~Group Rules~

We will keep this simple :)

- Do not post products/groups/pages/etc advertisements, promotions and other kind of spam unless approved
- Obviously no nudity and hate speech
- Do not start flamewars
- Please respect everyone's opinions and thoughts
- If someone or anyone have questions to ask or seeking for helps, please do be nice when you're helping them out, there is no need to be rude even if the questions might be silly or something

We will not hesitate to ban people permanently if they were being mean towards others. We do not need meanies that think they are always right. The reason that I'm pointing this out because I've seen many people like this in some other groups. Unhealthy activities and speeches does not belong here. Other than that we wholeheartedly accept any other unrelated post.

Please enjoy your stay!