Media Art Histories RESEARCH

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"Recognizing the increasing significance of media art for our culture, this group is dedicated to the study and discussion of various media art histories within the interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts of the histories of art, science and technology."

Collectively developed mission of the Conference Series by Irina ARISTARKHOVA (Rus), Annick BUREAUD (F), Dieter DANIELS (D), Sara DIAMOND (Can), Diana DOMINGUES (Bra), Jean GAGNON (Can), Oliver GRAU (D), Machiko KUSAHARA (Jap), Roger MALINA (USA), Gunalan NADARAJAN (Sing), Manrai HSU (Taiw), Ryszard KLUSZCYNSKI (Pol), Edward SHANKEN (USA) (at MAH Conf. Italy, 2004)

The group is associated with the conference series for the Histories of Media Art Science and Technology (Banff/Canada‘05, Berlin/Germany‘07, Melbourne/Australia‘09, Liverpool/UK‘11 and Riga, Latvia’13), the platform and the international MediaArtHistories, MA program’s students and faculty, at this point more than 50 international colleagues. Current administration of this group lies with representatives from these research activities (stakeholders).

Media Art Histories is an evolving interdisciplinary field requiring foresight, dialogue and a striving for rigor. Members of this group are encouraged to share and discuss anything informing the "Research into the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology.“

"The technology of the modern media has produced new possibilities of interaction. (…) What is needed is a wider view encompassing the coming rewards in the context of the treasures left us by the past experiences, possessions and insights."

RUDOLF ARNHEIM, Honorary Chair, Media Art Histories Conf, Banff 2005