Pound By Pound ~ A.C.E. ~ Natural Appetite Control & Energy

This group is intended for us to share our success stories. I want us to help motivate one another and become more knowledgeable about A.C.E. and what it can do for all of you.

I would like everyone to add friends and family members to this group. I would like for us to encourage each other and I will answer any questions that you may have.

I have done some research (A.C.E.) is a all natural Appetite Control and Energy dietary supplement. Each pill contains Vitamin B6 ( great for energy) cocoa powder ( a natural source of caffeine and a powerful antioxidant) chromium ( helps with the breakdown of sugar) spirulina ( source of B12 for energy) green tea ( a powerful antioxidant ) and geranium flower ( improves oxygen flow to cells and strengthens the immune system).

All of this means
Hunger Pains - Gone
Cravings - Gone
Uncontrollable snacking - Gone
Unwanted pounds - Gone
Nothing but smooth clean energy!! There have been great results recorded with A.C.E. People have lost up to 13 lbs the first week and even up to 30 lbs the first month !!
Remember everyone is different some will reach Their personal goal before others but with hard work and encouragement all of you will be able to reach and maintain you're goal!!!

To order:
Please message my wall, send me a email or private message on Facebook .

The cost:
Sample pack~2 count~ $ 2.00
5 Day trial supply ( 10 count packs ) - $ 15.00
30 count $ 35.00
60 count bottle $ 65.00
120 count bottle $ 125.00

There is a 30 day money back guarantee that applies to the 60 count bottle only.

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