The 21st century is termed the information and creative age. It's the age that has seen the greatest changes of all times in human history.
Jobs that existed 10 years ago are no more. New professions are being discovered daily, unemployment is at its highest, technologies are now taking our jobs, diseases/plagues are becoming endemic, politics is now a do or die affairs, militancy and terrorism are becoming prevalent, religion crises is on the increase, poverty level has grown beyond control, etc.
Nigeria, infact, Africa as a whole most especially is at the centre of these crises. Despite the effects of these same vices in many other continents and countries, their economics have never experienced the kind of growth they have been known by in the last 10 years. For instance, China is fast becoming a world power; UAE has diversified her economy totally from the former oil based to tourism, manufacturing, shipping, aviation, etc.
The pondering QUESTION is "What is responsible for all these changes"?. An intense research and deep thought reveals that it is nothing other than Technology!. Most especially Information and communication Technology. Technology is at the heart of the new renaissance happening in the world today.
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