Yokosuka Living Off Base

A closed group designed for people who live primarily off-base in the Yokosuka area, as well as those that are in the process of PCS-ing here and plan to live off base.

We all have questions from time to time like, is today non burnables day? What's that truck making music down the street and how in the world do I use this? Such as heaters, washing machines, etc. Some of us are veterans here and some are newbies.

As well as, what are Japanese homes like? What areas are close to schools? Looking for a big yard for your pups? And much much more.

Our sister pages such as CFAY wives some times is strictly about base oriented things. My only rules here is no bullying other people and you must live off base or plan too! Please share!

Also if you would like to see if you have any neighbors, list where you live at, and or the nearest train station to you and or when you are PCS-ing over here! You never know you could have an american neighbor right around the corner! Or someone coming to Japan with you on the same flight!

I am always open to peoples opinions and like to be fair. So please share any ideas and concerns you may have. We can take a poll or me as the Admin can make the decision solely.I only know if you tell me!


In addition-

Ok, more spam is showing up on the feed. It is not allowed! There are some exceptions. If it is an off base business that is helpful for your home. Or base associated things to an extent and I would like permission to be asked before posting. No school stuff, or selling of other products or multiple posting. It will be taken down. And I am keeping track of who does it and they will be dismissed. This is a fair warning!

Also a reminder that this is a page for people who live off base or are planning to transfer here and live off base and want info. If you live on base please leave the page. Thanks! ~Your loving admin!