Yunnaner in Switzerland / 云南人在瑞士

Dear townsmen of Yun Nan and GuiZhou Thanks for your kindness. I would be honored to make your acquaintance in the near future. In the meantime August 29 is the date, our Swiss&Chinese Band will represent our chinese cultur. We are planing an small concerts in the China Garden Zürich. We would like to invite you to attend our concert to promote the cultural exchange between the two countries in the beautiful place called China Garden. History of Kunming and Zurich During the year 1982 Kunming, China and Zurich, Switzerland, became sister cities !
Zurich to all those living in China is a romantic , a legend and famous tourist destination . Western Hemisphere and world's best known financial city,
Kunming far across the two cities as if two star Yao River , gleaming and flashing, embraced each other ! They are both spiritual cities , they were the same spiritual soul ! , the vast magnificent river carrying thousand years of history and countless heroic dreams !
Zurich is the city 's world -famous thousand springs , fountains, but although many different shapes , different sculptures, each Springs has a history , has its own story , exquisite, wind color different ! They embody the innovation of Western culture , and the spirit of humanism , nourishing this piece of pure land , feeding the children of God with a group of angelic soul of purity. As i Knowing our rich culture can be shared and understood through meeting other cultures bringing closeness to all. The reason why I strongly urge Kunming Park cultural exchnage in Zurich is to hear a voice that was blended with Chinese and Swiss music cultures bring forth an album (completed on 22.02.2014) of both cultures to strengthen understanding and deepen their friendship in order to personally share the twin city cultures of Kunming and Zurich as a cultural treasure between China and Switzerland. Music is a means in which to open the hearts of all those who believe in a world of peace and understanding. in that night invite guest have good musicians friend ,Media, business company .Political .Students and Scholars Association.Committed .We will Services Special chinese food called Dim sum etc.........Wonderful night If you interesting to come .Please for free to contact us. [email protected] or [email protected] Greeting from David Ruosch&ElvaBai