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Jefferson County - Barter - Trade - Sell - Buy - Open Group \n \n If your like me and some of my friends you always have something to sell - buy - trade - and your always looking for a real good deal. Then this is the place to do it . Example - ( your heater is broken - you have a bass boat your willing to trade (barter) for fixing your broken heater ). Here is another one - ( you have a riding lawn mower - you would like to have a freezer full of deer meat - post what you have or looking for and what your willing to trade for - and when a deal (barter) is made yall trade - so do you Understand ? It's something both party's are willing to trade and hopefully not cost a lot and both parties are happy with the deal. Post your items / service here for Barter - Trade - Sell. Please describe your item truthfully; age, size and condition. First person to comment is first and if your 2nd to comment then your 2nd, but please don't offer to pay more than the first person that commented, that just causes drama. And only one picture per item unless you make an album and you can only bump each item once in a 24 hr period. Each deal is between the two people so it's Buyer / Seller beware. Pick a public place for meeting because I'm not responsible for any sells, trades, barters or bad spots your meeting at or bad sells. It's up to the buyer / seller to do all homework when buying, selling, trading or bargaining . Absolute no DRAMA of any kind will be tolerated, this will be a drama free page. If you need to talk with someone about something they did or did not do or a missed meeting or if you had a bad sell / bad barter / bad trade - you need to send them a private message. Once your item has been sold - traded - bartered - you need to delete the photo - or comment delete . And please NOTHING ILLEGAL. So happy trading people - have a good day and be safe and careful! smile emoticon\n