Eastern Oregon Pet Lovers Classifieds

This is a page created for all pet lovers. You can post animals that you are trying to sell, or just find new, loving homes for. This is also, another place to post a photo of your Missing best friend. NO young animals will be allowed to be sold, or rehomed, in the group if all vaccines have not been given, and are not up-to-date! ALSO, everyone MUST provide full PROOF to the new families! If the shots have been given at home, the stickers from the vaccines, along with the date, must be given to the new families. Otherwise, total vet records must be given to the new families, EVERYTIME! We also ask that you POST A PHOTO OF THE VACCINE RECORD on your babies post! We will be checking for this! If anyone refuses to follow these rules, they will be banned, WITHOUT WARNING! No rude comments will be allowed; and we reserve the right to ban any members who don't follow this rule, again WITHOUT WARNING! If anyone is caught abusing, or severely harming an animal, you will be immediately banned. We will also work with, and persuade law enforcement to take strong actions against you, and anyone involved! The atmosphere of this group must always remain positive, and peaceful. Foul and offensive language will NOT be tolerated- use of foul and offensive language will get you banned immediately! No personal opinions at all, will be tolerated, unless asked for. If anyone is rude to another member, you will be banned immediately; without warning! If you feel you must educate people about certain matters, it must be done on another group page. If anyone is caught purposely lying, or giving false information to the new owner of their animal, they will be banned, without warning. Please note, NO PUPPY MILLS, animal flipping for profit, unresponsible breeders, or suspected dog fighting participants will be allowed too be a member of this group! No breeders will be allowed to sell their babies here, if they breed one female more than once a year (unless approved by myself, or Teresa, prior to posting). It must be done responsibly, also. If anyone is found adopting out, or selling animals younger than 7 weeks old, unlesss there are emergency circumstances, you will be removed from the group. Also, only Teresa Odell, or myself may edit this description, or any pinned posts in this group. If anyone has been dishonest about your animals habits and behaviors, you will be immed. banned without warning!! Full honesty is expected at all times, so matter what the issue is! If anyone is showing any signs of suspicious behavior, they will be banned, without warning, if we see fit.

We reserve the right to ban anyone, at anytime for violating any of our rules. This may seem like alot of rules, but they will help to ensure that our animals, only go to the very best families possible. We all love these animals so much, we do everything possible, to protect them. This page is in honor of my precious little Josh, and our Oso!! We love you both very much, boys!!