Montana Firearms Under $500

FIREARMS AND AMMO ONLY!!!! It is ok to post some stuff directly linked to firearms and ammo tho. Keep the posts for firearms under $500 please. While it's not a strict policy, it's just preferred as per the name of the group.

1. Sales to Montana residents and persons 18+ ONLY. Know who you are selling to by being in person and please keep a good judgment about whom you choose to sell to on here.

2. Keep posts mature and on topic please!!!!
Any harassing or threats will have you removed from the group.

3. All members must follow all montana and federal firearms laws. It is up to the member to know the law and sell only to those 18+ and legally able to own a firearm

4. Only one bump every 24 hr period

5. When you sell an item please comment as sold and then delete it as soon as you can.

6. Please do not try and sell your firearms on another person's post's...make your own post.

If you have info about 2nd amendment rallies or concealed carry classes and similar events please post and share.

Feel free to invite your friends and family to the group....let's make this a great group for firearms enthusiasts and people looking to buy and sell their guns. Thanks!!!