The Modern Talk: Image, Website, and Design Critique

A place for members of The Modern Talk: Photography Business to ask for and give image, design and website critique.

1. Asking for critique: Be specific & Open

When asking for image critique, link to a specific image or gallery that you want critiqued (or upload images you want critiqued). Do not just link to your website or page and ask for generic critique.

Do not ask for critique unless you are prepared for people to get nit-picky about your submission. I know your work is very personal and meaningful to you, but asking for critique can be one of the most valuable things you can do. It can be hard, but please do not take things personally. If you submit something for critique and you get overly defensive or emotional about it, your post will be deleted. You may post a link, image, or create a new photo gallery. Please limit your critique all to the same post, please.

PLEASE read this thread about critique and taking it too personally - it sums up everything I am trying to say here.

2. Offering Critique:

Please keep all critique in the thread in this group. Do not post critique in the comments of fb photos, etc. We want to keep the critique completely private, thank you! You may comment on photos posted directly to the group using the photo albums in the group.

When offering up critique, make sure that it is helpful and done so with tact. Comments that do not give some suggestion for improvement or are not helpful in some tangible way may be deleted. If your posture towards offering critique is not helpful overall, you may be removed from the group.

3. Promotional Guidelines & Vendor Recommendation Rules

The goal is to keep this group from becoming filled with spam, however vendor promotions may be shared as long as they follow the guidelines below:

This is not a place to ask for people to like your business page, link to your blog images, or promote your business in any way. It’s simply a place to talk business and share what you do with others.

Vendors may be recommended as long as you receive absolutely no kickback from them and it is not your own company. This includes discount coupons where you receive money when they are used (such as from ProPhoto Blogs), affiliate links, or links to products where you receive a portion of the sales. Links that get you extra entries into contests when shared or used are also not allowed.

If you have a product, blog, forum, community, or other resource that you moderate, create, or profit from in any way that you think the group may find useful, you may contact Jamie at [email protected] to discuss the possibility of promoting it with the group.

As this group is an extension of The Modern Tog, The Modern Tog reserves the right to promote itself and any other vendors, products or blogs in any way if I think they are useful to the community. For example, this may include (but is not limited to) promoting other communities, selling products, sharing discount codes, affiliate links, posting blog posts, or other helpful resources. Discretion will be used in approving and posting promotions, as the main goal of this site is to help photographers connect in a positive and helpful way.

4. Privacy

What is shared in the group stays in the group. Sharing or re-posting content from this group in other places (including but not limited to emails, forums, and blogs) is not allowed unless the post expressly states that it may be shared. However, promotions and links posted to the group that fit the guidelines above may be shared freely.

5. For the Rule-Breakers

While we reserve the right to ban a user without notice or warning at our discretion for blatant disregard to the rules above, in most cases you will receive one warning and your post will be deleted before being banned from the group.

6. Report a Member or a Post

To report a member or a post that breaks the rules above, please email Jamie at [email protected] with a link to the direct post (right-click on the date of the post and save the link to send so I can find it easily) and with an explanation of how this breaks the rules above. You must also provide your Facebook user name from the group and your email address so I can contact you with any follow up questions.