THE WAYOUTBULLYZ FORUM is a forum where bully lovers can get to know eachother & exchange info & get a chance to make some of the best productions happen. This forum is for Pocket Extreme Bully breeders or owners only, if you dont have that then your post will be deleted. This is not a forum for standard bullies, bloodlines that are welcome here are GOTTILINE, KURUPT BLOOD, KINGPINLINE, DAXLINE & NATIVE GLINE...........Lets all collaborate & make some serious fire, I am not in this for the money I am in this to produce the best bully that I can produce. If thats your way of thinking also, then I know we can make this work, take the best studs & breed to the best females for pup back deals just to get the hole movement started!! People will probably laugh but you watch if this works, we can all produce some really special Pocket extreme Bully's!