SMART Team Internet Marketers

Dear Smart Team Internet Marketers,
It is with great pride that we welcome you to our new members to the group.
To get us started; STIM is an acronym of our group name – Smart Team Internet Marketers which is a global initiative of internet entrepreneurs committed to succeed online as a team while empowering others as well; in order to take advantage of the available opportunities on the internet as a means of wealth creation.
As STIM Network, we currently have representation in Africa, Australia and USA. We are also in the process of forming strategic social partnerships with more people and organizations in different parts of the world as we enlarge our borders with new Local STIM Partners
STIM Network comprises of ICT Professionals, Social Media Pros, Entrepreneurs, Online Marketers, Business Execs, Students, College Graduates in addition to Online Traders/Investors just to Mention but a few.
Our Projects and Approach - STIM Members only engage on legit online sources of income generation projects. These projects can be introduced by group members or our organization partners to the group. The group admins then vets and approve the project in-line with the Group’s Objective. STIM Network Partners in a collaborative approach then empowers the members through trainings, conferences and seminars with other Leading Online Entrepreneurs to embody and benefit from these projects.
Our success is achieved as earlier mentioned through the approach as indicated below:
:: Personal Development
:: Internet Marketing Experience Development
:: Social Partnership Developing

Group Members have the benefit of engaging and interacting in online success through knowledge and technology transfer from the experience and expertise of the already established successful members of the group as they empower one another for wealth and more success online.
The Internet is Changing Lives and the Old days are GONE!!
Welcome Aboard!
STIM Network Members