Husky Play Dates Perth

This group was created to connect husky owners in Perth, Western Australia. Please feel free to use the group to arrange play dates, ask husky related questions of other owners, or anything else husky you can think of!

The boring bit AKA the rules:

We ask that all members remember we are here because we love our dogs, and keep this in mind when posting or commenting. Please remember that sometimes people do things or hold certain beliefs as no one has ever bothered to educate them otherwise and always give people the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes, people will just have a different opinion to yours and that's fine. While we encourage education and the sharing of our experiences, as this is how we all learn, you are not entitled to force your opinion on anyone. Please be courteous at all times. If someone posts something you think is inappropriate, simply tag Kim Sutcliffe or Haley Hibbitt rather than entering into arguments that can get out of hand quickly.

In the files section, you will find heaps of great info about all things husky. If you come across a great post or article, feel free to add it to the files so we can all share :)

If you're taking photos at a Husky Play Dates event, these are only to be used within the group page, unless you have permission from everyone in attendance. Our page is a closed group, meaning that only our members can see the photos. Not everyone wants photos of themselves, their kids or dogs posted all over facebook, so please seek permission from those in the photo before posting outside this group.

IMPORTANT: this is not the place to find a dog to breed with yours, nor is it the place to advertise dogs or puppies for sale. Rescue posts and lost and found are permitted.

Anyone who feels that the rules don't apply to them will be reminded nicely that they do. Repeat offenders will simply be removed.