Sell Your Clutter Indianapolis, Avon, Plainfield, Brownsburg.

Sell Your Clutter is a yard sale site where you can sell your unwanted items. Here are the Rules: 1. No selling Animals 2. No selling weapons. 3 No selling formula 4. No selling knock off purses. 5. You may post 8 posts a day. 6. You may bump your items once a day. 7. You get two no shows then you are out. 8. Please allow the person who responded first 4 hours to respond to the post. 9. Be respectful. We are all adults 10. Do not comment on a post unless you are interested in making the purchase. 10. This site is mainly for the areas Plainfield, Avon, Indianapolis and Brownsburg. 11.. If you have any problems you may contact these administrators: Lily Lee, Meg Marie, Kim Griggs, Rachel Pennington, Scott Willigie, Britainny Port, Amanda Hillman and/or Heather M Singlet. If you have any questions just ask.