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Welcome!! We've recommended thousands of books to over thousands of readers and NKR is a place people HAVE to visit when buying their next highly mentally stimulating piece of reading material. A nook/kindle is a hand-held electronic device that enables you to read books. This group is diverse. Many would consider it to be extremely fashionable a clear expression you're with the times. If you own one, you're what some may call "hanging with the Jones' ". We offer a fair representation of books. Being a part of this group is a privilege. We take great pride in being able to offer one of the best and fastest-growing pages in such a short time since day of creation. If you love paperbacks, of course, they're still great too, links will get you to those as well. This page is free for all in that there are no special rules regarding specific days of promo posting, "bells & whistles" etc., simply PEACE to post, shop & have an occasional conversation. Disrespect of any kind will NOT be tolerated and those who are not in compliance will be deleted without notice. Authors, post links for your books, upcoming events etc., add your supporters, READERS, feel FREE to SHOP for your next mind-blowing book and add friends. For promos, be sure to post regularly since we're pushing the page's link to many readers and websites on/off Facebook. Keep in mind readers will more than likely visit everyday, may not "like" or comment on your posts, but will click directly onto your link for purchase, further info. etc. Broaden yourself & post regularly!!! Happy reading!!!