Wedding Swap Shop

This group is for the KC Metro Area. People who are outside of this area will not be added to the group. If there any any members that have squeezed past the admins and been accepted, you will be removed. There are Kansas Wedding swaps that are more closer to your areas.

We all know that we love to find great deals! All we ask is that this site stay drama free and respectful!!
We have a few simple rules to try to help.

1) If you stand up someone and do not contact them and rearrange you will be deleted.
2) I do not want any foul language. We are all adults and can be respectful to one another.
3) One post per item.
4) Bump once a week:)
5) Please remove your posting once the item is picked up, I do not require you to delete until it is picked up.
6) You cannot sell stuff that is expired, recalled, or banned.
7) Order goes by who comments first.There is NO FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! Give the person who comments first up to 24 hrs to set up a time to get it. If you want your item picked up that day state so in the description!
8) If you do not reply back within 24 hrs of a product that you are interested in the Seller has the right to move to the next person interested.
9) If you buy something and it does not work out for you then you have the right to resell it but not for more than you paid for it. If you are caught selling for more than you paid, you will be deleted.
10) Please create an album for more than 5 pics. If you cannot from your phone let me know so i can put your pics in an album.
11)If you are a vendor, please make sure to add a file to the documents section within 24 hours of original post. Please post only once and bump that post only once every 14 days. If you have pictures of your work you would like to share please make an album as this will make it easier to find your work and it won't get lost in the feed. Vendors may respond to other posts when it is relevant to the service they provide. Also if you plan on promoting in comments please ensure you are compliant with vendor guidelines.

Thank you and enjoy this group!